Waterproof flooring: peace of mind and protection of health

Contaminated flood waters, not just from rains or hurricanes, but from something as simple as a broken dishwasher seal, can make people sick.

That's just one reason everyone needs a waterproof floor.

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As a flooring retailer, we've heard it all. A lot of people will tell us that, since they don't live in a flood zone, they don't need waterproof protection. Nothing could be further from the truth, because we create a lot of humidity and excess water just in our own homes.

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Mold, mildew and your respiratory system

Ever have a peeling and flaking wall? It's caused by moisture pockets in the wall and can come from anywhere, including a clogged drainpipe outside. The result is mold and mildew which cause coughing, sneezing, runny eyes and increased problems with allergies and asthma, not to mention the smell you'll never get out of the house.

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What is this flooring?

It's the most recent version of luxury vinyl (LVF) but rather than use the traditional core of vinyl composites, it has a WPC one which offers the highest level of waterproof and moisture protection.

To put it into perspective LVF, will be completely waterproof for about 16 hours when submerged in liquid. WPC won't peel or flake no matter how much water and for how long.

For those who aren't familiar with LVF, it's an incredibly realistic mimic of wood, tile or stone with a wide assortment of species, colors and styles. There are embossing features available to give the floors added depth and dimension and it comes in a matte or gloss finish.

Walk into a flooring store and be surprised at the high-end look of LVF and its newest version, WPC waterproof.

Just a few things that can cause water damage:

  • Bursting pipes and backed up sinks and drainpipes
  • Older water heaters
  • Corroded washing machine hoses
  • Damaged roofs with missing or broken shingles
  • Leaky air conditioning units
  • Crumbled chimney flashing