Choosing a carpet for the long haul

When it comes to choosing the perfect carpet for your home, it’s a sure bet that you’re looking for something you won’t have to replace for many years to come. While the lifespan of this flooring can vary drastically, due to so many different factors that come into play, you’ll want to discuss all of your needs and expectations with your flooring specialist, to make sure you get one that fits well in your space. We will talk about some things you need to consider in just a bit.

Smitty's Floor Covering has a long history of connecting customers with the perfect flooring for their homes. Taking all your needs into consideration, we know the right material is out there just waiting for you. And we’d love to show you what that is. In fact, we invite you to stop in for a visit. Our showroom is located in Denton, TX, and we proudly service the areas of Denton, TX, Corinth, TX, Hickory Creek, TX, Krum, TX && Ponder, TX. If you have any questions, our flooring specialists will be happy to answer them for you.

What to consider when shopping for carpet


Thanks to new manufacturing procedures that have taken place in recent years, there are more choices than ever when it comes to choosing a carpet for your home. However, the most important is choosing the right fiber. Each fiber has its own set of unique characteristics, that make it either perfect or awful for your space.

Beyond just floor covering, your carpet sets the foundation for your entire room's aesthetic. Color creates the mood - imagine a rich emerald green grounding a luxurious library, or a soft dove grey fostering tranquility in your master bedroom. Patterns tie your décor together - a captivating Moroccan trellis can liven up a living space, while classic herringbone lends a timeless touch to a hallway. Explore our curated collection and discover the perfect carpet to reflect your unique style. Whether you crave a vibrant statement piece or a sophisticated foundation, we have the perfect carpet to bring your dream space to life.


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Other things to consider

For instance, if you have young children that play outside, and spend a lot of time coming in and out of the door, you’re surely not going to want to choose wool carpet. While this fiber is all natural, beautiful, and very coveted among homeowners, it doesn’t stand up well to a great deal of traffic. It’s also not welcoming of dampness or moisture, which can be carried in on wet feet after a rain. Wool can actually hold about ten times its own weight in water, and can create the perfect atmosphere for mold and mildew growth.

Here are some questions you will want to consider before seriously shopping for carpet. Your flooring specialist will probably ask you about them, so it’s best to have an idea of what your answers will be before getting started.

  • What is the traffic level in your home?
  • Do you have pets or small children?
  • Which rooms are you shopping for?
  • Is moisture, humidity or dampness an issue?