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Carpet cleaning services at Smitty's Floor Covering

Professional carpet cleaning removes grime and odors, leaving you with a cleaner carpet. Vacuuming neatens up your carpet and gets the surface dirt, but It doesn't remove grime that's worked its way down into the carpet's fibers.

Smitty's Floor Covering offers a professional carpet cleaning service in Denton, TX, Corinth, TX, Hickory Creek, TX, Krum, TX and Ponder, TX areas. Our service takes out the dinge and pollutants trapped by carpet fibers. After a professional carpet cleaning you'll be amazed at the difference. This level of clean makes a huge difference for your family, your carpet doesn't just look good it feels deep clean.

Consider professional carpet cleaning when:

  • The stains on your carpet announce you have a dog louder than his bark. Professional carpet cleaning removes pet stains, pet odors, food, beverages you name it. Our cleaning gently lifts stains out rather than scrubbing and damaging the fibers.
  • Dirt isn't just ugly, it damages carpet fibers. The sharp edges of grit wear against the fibers, damaging them and often breaking them down.
  • Carpets absorb odors from the air. Does your carpet smell like last Sunday's garlic chicken? Even if your pet is totally house trained, he leaves his funky doggy odor wherever he snoozes.



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Carpet cleaning at your convenience

When it's time to deep clean your carpet, give us a call or visit our Denton showroom for a free quote. We will schedule the job at your convenience. Don't forget to ask if you have to move the furniture or will the company do it. Ask if there is a charge for having the furniture moved. After the carpet cleaning, when you walk into your home, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing you have a clean, refreshed home that is healthier for you and your family.