Free in-home measurement


Six reasons why in-home measurements are important and we offer them for free

Smitty's Floor Covering is a family-owned business. It's been in operation since 1958. A member of the Denton Chamber of Commerce, the company is well established and recognized for its full inventory, novel designs and many services including in-home measurements. Speaking of the latter, you may be surprised to learn why an in-home measurement is so important; it’s just not a matter of running a tape measure through the room! We’re a top provider when it comes to measuring. We offer free in-home measurement, so be sure to ask about it when you come into our showroom to see us. We’re located in Denton, TX, and service Denton, TX, Corinth, TX, Hickory Creek, TX, Krum, TX and Ponder, TX.

Not every room is a perfect square

There are baseboards, moldings, windows, doorway sills and maybe even closets to measure. If not done accurately, the correct amount of product can’t be ordered; too little, and the project might get delayed while we wait for a shipment. If there’s too much product, there’ll be a lot of waste and unnecessary expenses.



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When measuring is done in your house, we get to see the full layout

Oftentimes a person will forget to mention workarounds, such as stairs or pipes. If no one knows until the last minute, it can affect the ordering process and cause delays.

Measurement can also affect:

  • Patterns. Grains, veinings or intricate designs, such as Herringbone or Chevron need to be followed and cut correctly. If the home’s layout isn’t followed, the design can be skewed.
  • Getting the right kind of product. Cabinet and pantry doors need clearance. Appliances are usually attached to the subfloor; if the surface floor is too thick or thin, appliances can be lop-sided, and doors won’t close properly.

Precise room measuring keeps you on budget

  • You won't over-order product and, hence, pay for something you won't use
  • It will keep you from having to repair or replace it. When done in-home, the flooring pro can see if the space is sunny and hot.

Some floorings, like carpet, hardwood or vinyl can fade when exposed to direct sunlight.

Tile won’t fade, but it's an excellent heat conductor that can work both ways. It will keep you cool if the room is chilly, but hot if it’s in the sun and heat.

Our flooring experts will make recommendations for protecting the floor when completing the service for a free in-home measurement.