Texture can make your luxury vinyl flooring pop

Texture can make your luxury vinyl flooring pop

We're all about vibrant, realistic looks! The texture will add depth and dimension to the wood, stone, and tile looks of your luxury vinyl flooring.

Some say they have difficulty telling the difference between genuine materials.

Embossing: Creating looks often done by hand

Embossing allows manufacturers to recreate textures with machinery usually done by hand with genuine wood.  

With stone, it creates color, veining variations, and all the "imperfections" of a Mother Nature design. 

This is also why your luxury vinyl flooring should be at least 8 mm thick. It's easier to carve on a thicker surface.

About embossed-in-register (EIR)

This is a textured look where little indentations are made on the vinyl plank flooring; they match the grain in the photograph. 

That makes it look like the flooring was carved from a single piece of stone or hardwood, giving it an even more realistic and authentic look.

Other available textures

Rustic textures are hot this year. Some of the other looks you can get are: 

  1. Wire-brushed: With genuine wood, outer layers are scraped. This exposed the heartwood, giving it a slightly distressed look.
  2. Hand scraped: Each plank is scraped separately with genuine wood, giving different color variations and definitions. It's a unique and expensive look.
  3. Holes, burn marks, scratches, and scrapes: Your LVP flooring will have an aged, antique, and "beat up" look.

The best value per decorating dollar

Besides high-end style, luxury vinyl flooring is also: 

  1. Affordable
  2. Completely waterproof, whether submerged or spilled on
  3. Easy to maintain with only sweeping and mopping
  4. Uncomplicated to install: Techniques are glue-down, floating floor, or loose-lay

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