Site-finished or prefinished hardwood flooring: Which is better?

Site-finished or prefinished hardwood flooring: Which is better?

When you choose hardwood flooring for your remodel, you'll find many benefits that make it an excellent fit for your home. But you'll also find out about choices like site-finished and prefinished materials, and here are some facts to help you determine which is better for your needs.

Understanding the basics can help the process

Site-finished hardwood means the flooring is installed, sanded, stained, and finished in your home after the planks are implemented. On the other hand, prefinished materials come to your home already sanded, with factory-applied stain and finish choices, speeding your installation by days.

When you choose site-finished hardwood floors in Denton, TX, you'll have more stain color and texture choices, giving you more control over the customization of your flooring. Prefinished materials also offer plenty of variety, but you may not find the perfect match for your existing décor.

If you want more durability, prefinished hardwood flooring has much to offer, including multiple coats of finish that resist wearing better than site-finished options. Prefinished hardwood also offers faster installation because all that's left to do when the products reach your home is put it in place and secure the wood flooring.

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