Needs you can cater to with waterproof flooring

Needs you can cater to with waterproof flooring

Everyone should have waterproof flooring, no matter where you live or what you plan to install.

This flooring addresses every need on the planet. That includes the big ones and some smaller ones. Please continue reading to find out why it may be your ideal choice.

Impenetrable to water

Waterproof flooring
handles anything from large leaks to minor spills and "oops" moments like when we drop a gallon of milk.
A spill of water from weeks or months ago won't damage the floor.

Construction differences

1.WPC and SPC are two technologically advanced cores in waterproof vinyl flooring that will never soak, stain, peel, or ripple. In addition, the cores offer the highest level of moisture protection.

2. Laminate's non-wood construction. For decades, laminate flooring has been considered an attractive, affordable alternative to genuine wood, and it's only improved with improved seaming, graphics, and embossing.

The original version, however, has wood in its construction. Unfortunately, wood and water don't mix and can result in curling edges, warping–and general havoc-wreaking.

Because of that issue, laminate was avoided for installation in wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry.
All that's changed --the newer addition, called waterproof laminate flooring, eliminates any concerns about soaking.


Both vinyl and laminate can stand up to the heaviest wear and foot traffic. Vinyl's WPC and SPC cores are also graded for commercial use.

Combining style with function

Both offer true-to-life images of wood, stone, and tile. The material is cut into planks or square, tile-sized pieces.

Low maintenance
Both waterproof vinyl flooring and laminate floors only need regular sweeping and periodic mopping.

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