Is it possible to dye carpet flooring?

Is it possible to dye carpet flooring?

Yes,  and it's always best to hire a professional to dye the carpet flooring. They will advise you on the best way to proceed.

Why dye the carpet?

Many rugs can last up to 20 years or more, depending on the quality ad the level of care. It's also a beautiful addition to your home.

The last thing you want is to have to replace it ahead of its time. But everyday wear, stubborn stains, spills, and fading can take a toll. With dying, you can rejuvenate your rug without going through the expense of replacement.

Some things to know about carpet dying:

1.Try to match the original color or go darker. The carpet store experts will be able to tell you if and how you can dye your rug.

Rugs can't be dyed in just any color because colorants are translucent.

2.Some rugs cannot be dyed. Nylon and wool are good candidates for dying, but polyester and olefin are not-so-much because they don’t have dye pockets. 

3.The rug must be thoroughly cleaned first. Vacuum it, then deep clean it before tinting.

Carpet's benefits include the following: 

1.Style:  You'll see beautiful designs in our showroom—Canyon Ridge 11 by Godfrey Hirst or Highlights by Southwind-LuxMax. 

The rugs come in all colors, styles, and fiber lengths. Visit us when considering carpet in Denton, TX.

2.Noise reduction: This cushioning eliminates the sound of footsteps, muffled conversations, or beeping devices.

3.Improving indoor air quality: it acts as a filter by trapping pollutants and substances not picked up by the vacuum.  

They remain in the fibers until deep-cleaned, taking them out of the breathing zone.

4.Energy saving. It holds on to heat or cool air.

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