Do hardwood floors add value to a home?

Realtors and home sellers can attest to the fact that homebuyers like hardwood flooring. Surveys done by various industries have confirmed this fact. It’s easy to believe that the majority of homebuyers pick wood as their preferred flooring material. Its look is luxurious, and its life is long. Smitty's Floor Covering in Denton, Texas, offers wood flooring styles that work well with home decor that ranges from rustic to modern industrial. Every hardwood flooring company that produces the eclectic brands in our showroom, including Armstrong and Bruce, is top quality.


A survey conducted by the National Wood Flooring Association found that most homeowners value durability, attractiveness, and easy-to-clean as the three most essential flooring features. Therefore, it's not surprising that sixty-six percent of homeowners would install wood flooring in their dream home. Homebuyers are equally impressed by wood flooring. Nearly 4,000 buyers ranked the importance of 175 features considered in a purchasing decision in a National Association of Home Builders survey. Hardwood flooring ranked in the top 10.


Because of this homebuyer preference, homes with engineered wood or solid hardwood flooring sell faster and for more money than homes without it. This was the opinion of the vast majority of real estate agents who participated in a National Wood Flooring Association survey. Further, it was found that wood floors can increase your home's selling price by up to 2.5-percent. 54-percent of buyers were willing to pay this higher cost.

If you are a homeowner who foresees a home sale in your future, hardwood flooring is a good investment. Family-owned Smitty's Floor Covering, founded in 1958, provides residential and commercial installation services, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and much more. We bring high-quality wood flooring and home improvement services to an area in north-central Texas that includes Corinth, Hickory Creek, Krum, and Ponder. We have the experience to complete your hardwood flooring upgrade.