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Comparing solid and engineered hardwood flooring

When it comes to choosing hardwood flooring, homeowners often find themselves deciding between solid and engineered hardwood. Both types offer the beauty and warmth of wood, but they have distinct characteristics that suit different needs and environments. This blog will compare solid and engineered hardwood flooring to help you make an informed decision for your home.

Understanding solid wood floors

Solid hardwood is exactly what it sounds like: each plank is a solid piece of wood, typically about 3/4" thick. This traditional form of hardwood flooring is known for its durability and longevity. It can be sanded and refinished several times over the years, making it a long-term investment for your home. Solid hardwood is best suited for rooms at ground level or above, as it can expand and contract with changes in humidity and temperature.

Exploring engineered wood flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring is a more modern innovation. These planks are constructed with a top layer of hardwood veneer attached to multiple layers of plywood or fiberboard. This structure makes engineered hardwood more stable than solid wood, reducing the risk of warping or bowing in fluctuating conditions. It’s an ideal choice for basements or over concrete slabs, as well as for use with underfloor heating systems.

Installation considerations

One of the significant differences between these two types of hardwood flooring is the installation process. Solid hardwood often requires nail-down installation, which can be more time-consuming and less suitable for concrete subfloors without a plywood layer. In contrast, engineered hardwood can be installed in a variety of ways, including floating, which is quicker and more versatile.

Aesthetic and value

In terms of aesthetics, both solid and engineered hardwood offer a wide range of options in wood species, stains, and finishes. While solid hardwood may have the edge in terms of perceived value and tradition, high-quality engineered hardwood floors can look indistinguishable from solid wood and also add value to your home.

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