Can I dye my carpet a different color?

Can I dye my carpet a different color?

Over time, your carpet may have some stubborn stains. Or, you may want a fresh, new look to your room–without spending much money on replacement.

The answer may be to dye it. The professional will first spray and then rub it in.   

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Facts about carpet dying:

1.Not all rugs are good candidates. Only those with nylon, wool, or silk fibers can be dyed. Polyester and olefin (polypropylene) carpets are non-absorbent, which makes them inherently stain resistant–and without dye pockets. 

Sometimes rugs are just too thick to be dyed. For questions about your carpet installation, seek the advice of a carpet dyeing professional.

2.The room must be empty.

3.Expect your room not to be fully functional for 24 hours. Then you can move furniture back in.

4.Carpeting can’t be dyed just any color. They’re translucent, so the general rule is that you can’t go from dark to light.

Reasons to decide on dying include:

1.Money saving.


3.Sprucing to prepare to sell.

4.Stain elimination.

5.Returning vibrancy to a faded rug.

6.Avoiding premature replacement. Sometimes it's young but looks worn.

Carpeting advantages

Carpet adds elegance, style, warmth, and coziness to a room. Your carpet in Denton, TX, will also deaden sound and provide cushioning from hard falls.

Thanks to modern technology, carpets have extra durability and stain resistance. In addition, there are kid-and-pet-friendly warranties and hypoallergenic versions.

The most significant advantage is that they trap pollutants in their fiber, where they'll remain until it's deep-cleaned. This is opposed to letting them circulate in the air to breathe.

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