Are random width planks common in hardwood flooring?

Are random width planks common in hardwood flooring?

Random width planks were one of the most common options in wood flooring because they were available. These days, it's making a comeback, moving toward a more traditional design scheme.

It's also available for modern looks, with impressive results. And the more you know, the better your results will be as a result.

Plank size affects room perception

Certain plank sizes affect your space in specific ways. For example, wide planks affect large and small rooms differently from narrow planks.

Mixed-width boards were most popular during the colonial period. And they offer common three, five, and seven-inch widths to meet your design desires.

Random width solid hardwood flooring isn't something you see everywhere. But it adds a unique pattern that works in even the most creative designs.

Plank width tips for your home

If you have high ceilings combined with large spaces, use larger plank sizes. But in smaller rooms, thinner boards will work best.

Keep your plank size options to only two sizes for a busy room. This helps keep the room from being overwhelming.

Be sure to opt for a professional installation for your wood flooring. You'll find the best results and complete peace of mind for decades to come.

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