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A few common hardwood flooring species choices

When you choose wood flooring in Denton, TX, you'll find many personalizations available to help create the look and performance you need. Stain color, texture, format, and installation are great ways to achieve an excellent result.

But species is likely the most crucial part of your hardwood flooring remodel, regardless of your requirements. Here are facts you should know as you prepare to shop for your remodel.

Species facts that matter

One of the most important things to understand is that species can vary in hardness. Some are much harder than others, and these wood floors will stand up best under daily wear.

If you have a busy home with lots of foot traffic, or if you have children or pets, the harder the species, the better. These options last longer and look best over time, so you will surely enjoy the results.

Which species are best?

Red and white oak are common species, with excellent graining, color variation, and sufficient hardness for most homes. Hickory offers outstanding shock resistance and compelling character and is the hardest species on the market.

Ash is another interesting species that is hard, exciting, and offers beautiful hardwood flooring décor colors. Finally, American cherry is most commonly known for its natural hues and beautiful natural knots, but it’s softer than some other woods.

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